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Beyond Law

At Fernandes Dias Advocacia, we want to provide legal services with excellence and competitiveness. This is our Mission and every word of it is full of intention. It is our entire team that wants to unite in a single will to achieve this mission. In providing our services, we want to reach out to our Clients to deliver complete and dedicated legal counseling. Law is our business, but we know that for our Clients legal services represent a tool to fulfill their own potential. To this potential we want to add the most absolute legal efficiency. We want to stand by our Clients with our excellence and our competitiveness. And to excel  is, above all, an action. We act with the full knowledge that every detail is a component of our Mission and we are prepared to be competitive in offering technical and personalized services.

We want to understand and overcome the legal challenges faced by Brazilians and foreigners in the global legal order. That is our Vision. We believe that the market demands legal professionals inspired by identifying and reacting to problems and motivated to prioritize and implement solutions. We always experience Law on its local, national and international aspects. This is the only possible way and this is our constant reference. We want to engage our members in legal innovation. This is the only way to keep up with the world around us. We want to enhance the global legal order. More than just academic developments, our team aims to research and contribute to a better understanding of the current complexities of the legal phenomenon.

Seriousness. Ethic. Innovation. Quality. These are the core of our values. We subscribe fully, moreover, to the Ethics Code of Lawyers of Brazil and its commandments.